Metal Storage

Corrosion accelerates at humidity levels above 60%RH. During the day when heating is on, or on hot dry summer days; the humidity may never rise to this level, however at night, as the air cools, the humidity rises and corrosion begins. A dehumidifier can protect your stock by continually monitoring the humidity conditions and keep corrosion at bay


Inventory Protection

Printed circuit boards are a typical example of a high value product which requires protection. Electronic equipment during storage behaves erratically when used because the value of components such as resistors and capacitors alters, making nonsense of manufactures calibrations. Textile products are also at risk, particularly if stock must be laid over until next season. At humidity levels of 70% RH or more, mould growth can occur, irreparably damaging the product through staining and damage to the fibres


Mechanical / Vehicle Protection

High value machinery (including ships, oil rigs and heavy vehicles) particularly when laid up until next required, are susceptible to corrosion if the humidity level rises above 65%RH. Ebac Industrial Products Ltd, a north east based company, manufacture a range of industrial dehumidifiers which will create a dry atmosphere for a modest capital outlay. Industrial dehumidifiers require no supervision, are easy to install and require little or no maintenance. They will switch on and off automatically, as required. Equipment of this type is fully portable and can be positioned by just one man. Dehumidifiers need not be fixed plant and so can be temporarily positioned inside buildings (and with increasing frequency, ships) prior to recovery at a later date. No modifications or alterations are necessary to the host structure in the majority of cases.


Leisure Complexes and Swimming Pools

Sports Halls, gyms and exhibition areas are notorious for damage caused by condensation and dampness. Such buildings are frequently unheated for extended periods and because of their purpose tend to contain sources of considerable amounts of water vapour, for example, showers pools and jacuzzis. Col tiled surfaces are particular susceptible to condensation and unsightly mould as the result. Cold smooth floors in playing areas also attract condensation which then become a very real safety hazard. Sadly, an occurrence in Europe further underlines the need for humidity control. A swimming hall roof collapsed because condensation had corroded metal components in the roof supports. Dehumidification can help prevent such occurrence, a further advantage of a dehumidifier in this type of application is that lower humidity levels can be maintained without the need to ventilate. This means that valuable heat energy need not be wastefully dumped outside together with unwanted moisture.